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Rules for external company employees

These rules and instructions will be distributed to all companies who are engaged in work on the business premises of the DENA Stahlbau GmbH & Co. KG company (hereinafter referred to as DENA). They are a component of the procurement contract and must be complied with by the contractor.

All employees and representatives of the contractor are specifically obliged to support all measures designed to promote occupational safety and environmental protection, to prevent injury and property damage as well as fire and other hazards. This scope particularly includes compliance with statutory regulations on occupational safety, accident prevention regulations and the relevant operational directives (DENA operating instructions). Specific reference is made in this respect to § 2 para. 1 and 2 of BGV (Employers’ Liability Association Regulations) A1 "Principles of prevention". To avoid any mutual risks, the instructions of the designated operations manager from the DENA company must be complied with and confirmed in writing on request.

The authority to issue directives on the part of the operations manager of the DENA company to all employees, within the scope of order implementation, is expressly acknowledged by the contractor. In the event of any incidents resulting in injury or damage to property, the operations manager of the DENA company must be informed immediately.

The contractor shall be liable for any damage, order delays or reduced capacity caused by non-compliance with rules; traffic signs; prohibitive, signalling, warning and danger signs as well as in-house instructions.

It is also important to comply with the following instructions, awareness of which on the part of all employees of an external company must be confirmed in writing by the supervisor responsible for the same:

A. General

  1. Persons and, where applicable, objects and vehicles, must be properly registered at the head office (visitors’ list).
  2. Once daily work duties are completed, the persons concerned must ensure they sign out properly at the head office (visitors’ list).
  3. Company regulations on bringing in vehicles, tools, devices, materials and similar must be complied with. (e.g. entry permits, see B2/B7)
  4. Devices capable of video and audio recording and/or the use thereof are only permissible with our prior written consent. Confidentiality must be maintained with respect to all commercial, technical and other information, even after the end of work duties.
  5. The provisions of the German road traffic code (StVO) apply within the business premises as well as a speed limit of 10 km/h. Please observe and remain within the marked walkways. It is imperative to avoid any hindrance to internal traffic flows. Placing or storing objects of any kind on marked walkways is prohibited.
  6. Parking in front of fire access roads, hydrants, entrances, doors or bottlenecks as well as on reserved parking spaces is prohibited.
  7. Safety symbols, operational safety and information signs, warning signs and signs for rescue and first aid must be observed and must not be blocked.
  8. The workplace must be kept clean at all times and tidied and cleared once work is completed; it must remain in a safe state.
  9. The storage of construction and other materials and the placement of temporary buildings, construction trailers or containers is only possible with the prior written consent of the client.
  10. Accessing any areas of the business which are not connected to the assigned work duties is prohibited.
  11. Legal break times must be complied with.
  12. It is, in principle, prohibited to appear at work or undertake any work when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  13. Any damage or disruption to company facilities must be immediately notified to the operations manager of the DENA company.
  14. In the event of any accidents, the first-aid facilities provided by the DENA company can be used. If further measures need to be implemented, use the site rescue chain.

B.  Special notes on safety requirements

  1. Working devices, machines and tools must be in full working order and handled as intended.
  2. The devices and tools used must comply with all respectively applicable standards. Electrical equipment in particular must comply with the Industrial Safety Regulation and the applicable technical rules. Reference is made to BGV A 3 § 5 regarding the required checks and so on, in accordance with accident prevention regulations. Test documents must be submitted on request.
  3. Interventions to existing systems or system components or those under construction must only be performed within the scope required by the assigned order.
  4. All personal protective equipment required (e.g. protection for the head, heads, feet and eyes, fall protection etc.) must be worn while working.
  5. Before commencing work operations involving naked flames (e.g. welding, cutting, separating, soldering work), written approval (permit for fire-related work) must be obtained from the operations manager of the DENA company. It is imperative to comply with bans on smoking as well as operational fire prevention measures.
  6. Water-polluting and flammable substances must only be used and stored with the prior consent of the construction management or operations manager of the DENA company. Catch basins are to be used for storage purposes.
  7. The use of hazardous materials generally requires the written approval of the operations manager of the DENA company or his/her representative for occupational safety of the DENA company. Only the minimum required quantity of such hazardous materials for the performance of assigned duties shall be brought on site. Regulations governing segregation of stored materials must be complied with.
  8. Stored hazardous materials, devices and other materials shall be clearly labelled as such by the owner.
  9. Before commencing excavation work, in view of the risk of damage to underground supply and drainage lines or similar installations, details of the relative installation positions must be checked, working alongside the operations manager of the DENA company. Any unforeseen hindrances occurring during the implement of work duties must also be informed to the same with immediate effect.
  10. Pits, shafts, holes in the ground and similar must be suitably secured at all times to prevent any risk of injury to those in the vicinity. Working alone is prohibited if particularly dangerous activities are involved (see BGI 697). If this is not possible, suitable monitoring measures must be agreed with the operations manager of the DENA company.
  11. Crane systems, industrial trucks and similar facilities must only be procured when instructed and approved by the operations manager of the DENA company.

C. Special notes on environmental protection

  1. The contractor is obliged to comply with and ensure awareness of all laws relevant to the environment and the performance of its work duties.
  2. The disposal of DENA construction materials generated on site and installations or equipment systems shall be performed on site, unless otherwise agreed.
  3. Environmentally harmful materials must not be disposed of into sewer systems or directly into the soil. Suitable measures shall be taken, unless otherwise agreed.
  4. Before commencing work, the contractor must agree with the operations manager of the DENA company on suitable disposal measures.
  5. Waste and leftovers from supplied materials, including their packaging, must be properly disposed of by the contractor under its own responsibility.
  6. Any incidents impacting on the environment must be immediately notified to the operations manager of the DENA company.
  7. The contractor shall be liable for any damage to the environment caused by employees or representatives of the contractor.

D. Specific health and safety instructions

  1. Persons with passive  and active  implants are not permitted to work in areas with electromagnetic radiation, which are marked as such.

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